A “Social Enterprise” is a revenue generating concern that operates for the purpose of achieving a social mission. These social missions are focused on maximizing an improvement in human and, or, environmental well-being.

The cornerstone of our nonprofit plan lies in the launch of a diverse range of Social Enterprise Ventures. Each of these ventures will generate needed program operating funds, while providing meaningful employment opportunities for our program participants.  Social enterprises have proven to be one of the most effective means of creating hundreds of new jobs for persons facing barriers to  employment. Our goal is to become 95% self-funded through social enterprise activities.

Our planned social enterprise ventures include a diverse portfolio of socially-minded entrepreneurial activities and are based on well researched and sustainable business practices. These business ventures focus on providing needed products, services and solutions for businesses and consumers. Quiñcea will dedicate 100% of its social enterprise profits to support our overall social mission.

The momentum behind socially-minded and sustainable business is incredibly strong. Over the next decade, our strategy is to work with businesses, universities, philanthropy, and nonprofit partners throughout the country, to develop scalable social enterprises using market forces to achieve financial sustainability. Quiñcea will seek to multiply its impact by eventually launching at least 10 new business enterprises designed to increase our employment base by over 500 additional jobs.


Controlled Environmental Agriculture
Native plant & fish propagation
Farm to Fork delivery program
Farmers Market booth
Food Hub
Farmer’s Market


Green waste
Recycling & composting
Recycling of electronics


Landscape maintenance
Reception & clerical
Food Services


“Green Care” brand food
“Reflecting Hope” pendant
“Artworks” for Charity

*100% of social cause product profits support our nonprofit