ArtWürks for Charity
Support the Arts, Create Jobs, Change Lives

ArtWürks for Charity engages artists who want to create art with a greater purpose. 100% of net proceeds benefit Quincea Social Enterprise, which creates jobs and provides support services for transitioning veterans and persons with disabilities.

In 2018, ArtWürks for Charity is supporting Quincea Social Enterprise via three manners.  First, we are hosting two ArtWürks for Charity Concerts and Art Shows on Friday, October 12th at the Marshall Gallery of Fine Art and on Friday, November 9th at the Mountain View Presbyterian Church.  Their is much pent-up demand for this type of performing arts charity event, as our past concert and art shows have quickly sold out.

Second,  ArtWürks for Charity is creating note cards, clothing and other gift items that incorporate inspirational messages that reinforce the purpose and benefits of our social enterprise.

Third, we have developed our Reflecting Hope jewelry product line that also reinforces the purpose and benefits of our social enterprise.

“As a former Army Officer and current veteran, our goal is to serve those who served their and create at least $5 in value from earned veterans wages and healthcare cost savings for every $1 we generate from the sale of the artworks.”

Morgan Lerette,
Chairman of the Board of Quincea Social Enterprise