Social Enterprise Business Ventures

Scale Social Ventures, Create Jobs, Change Lives


Quincea develops and scales social enterprise ventures employing adults with developmental disabilities. There is enormous pent-up demand for creating these jobs since only 15% of 4.9 million adults with disabilities are employed.


Our business ventures are designed to be fully economically self-sustaining to minimize our dependency on government funding to provide meaningful employment opportunities for our program participants. These business ventures provide needed products, services, and solutions for businesses and consumers. Quiñcea will dedicate 100% of its social enterprise profits to support our overall social mission.


In 2017, Quincea launched its first social enterprise venture by repurposing vacant land into productive community gardens. Quincea recently was selected as the co-winner for the Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Award to recognize its role in developing community gardens and creating jobs for adults with disablities in south Phoenix.  This is the state's most prestigious award for an innovative sustainable redevelopment project.  Building on this success, we are in the process of securing approval for the development of a second community garden in Peoria. In 2018, we further expanded our business by partnering with Sun Produce Cooperative to deliver fresh, healthy vegetables and herbs to numerous local schools, corporations, and churches.


Over the next decade, our strategy is to work with businesses, universities, philanthropy, and nonprofit partners throughout the country, to develop scalable social enterprises using market forces to achieve financial sustainability. Quiñcea will seek to multiply its impact by eventually launching at least 10 new business enterprises designed to increase our employment base by over 500 additional jobs.

Food Production

  • Repurpose land to community gardens
  • Harvest gardens and package food
  • Food delivery to schools & corporations
  • CSA with Sun Produce Cooperative
  • Food Hub
  • Farmer’s Market


  • Green waste recycling
  • Janitorial
  • Reception & clerical
  • Food Services

ArtWürks for Charity*

ArtWürks for Charity Concerts & Art Shows

Note cards, clothing, and gift items
Reflecting Hope Jewelry

*100% of social cause product profits support our nonprofit